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Spiritual Growth is truly a key factor of success in your life.

There are countless resources that push you forward in the world, such as inspirational books, speakers, TV shows, or other particular programs that you could find on the internet.

Yet, why do most people, who are supposed to move up to the next level after rejuvenating their thought by those resources, quickly fall back into their oldre routines?
Are you one of them?

The answer is you must know the secret of the universe, BEFORE jumping into those great resources.

The personal consulting brought by the licensed spiritual guide will lead you to a certain step, in order to have you move up to the next level in your spiritual growth.

The objective of consulting can include finding your life purpose, overcoming your obstacles, and putting your pain and grief into perspective.

Hear what others had to say about their experience:

I’ve been a Member of World Devine Light Organization for over 8 months now. Almost a year ago I suffered from very bad rashes all over my body. I went from doctor to doctor, they took all kinds of tests but no one could figure out what it was. They tried all kind of allergy medicine that made me sick to my stomach. Nothing worked. One day one of my friends introduced me to Liliya. Liliya was a member for a long time and after talking to me she recommended that I visit Spiritual Center right away. Honestly I was very skeptical, but very desperate, I was willing to try anything, I came here right away.

After only 2 visits I could see the difference right away and felt better. About 2 weeks after, 2 of my rash spots disappeared! After another 2 months of coming to Spiritual Center, receiving the Light 2 to 3 times a week, my rashes went away completely. Just like that, I was cured. It was my big miracle. It was very real and I felt a certain urge not only to receive but to be able to share and give the Light to others. That is when I decided to take the seminar to receive my own Holy Pendant.
I loved the seminar. I learned so much. It changed my perspective on life and it changed my family and me forever.

In fact, I loved it so much that I took the basic seminar with my Mom and my daughter for a second time, a month later, after receiving my Holy Pendant. My Mom doesn’t speak English, so it was arranged with the help of Doshis that I can translate the seminar to my Mom and she can complete it and get her own Holy Pendant. Now my family has grown to 3 members. My mom, Violet Rozman and my daughter, Amerys Jessica Barshtak have they own Holy Pendants and are practicing the Art of DivineLight. I am super proud of both of them for completing the Basic Seminar. Congratulations to both of them.

After completing the seminar, our family has been practicing a lot. My Mom had to go to Chicago to visit my Grandma who has been very sick with Diabetes for many years. She gave her Okiyome and her condition improved right away. She started to eat better and she is feeling much better now. I’ve beengiving Okiyome to all my family members and relatives since I got my Holy Pendant. A few months ago, my brother came to Spiritual Center to receive Light with all his family, with his pregnant wife and his two kids. They came back to Spiritual Center many times since then.
I truly feel our ancestor’s guidance and protection and hope our family will grow with more members in the near future.

I want to thank God for the wonderful Gift I received; my eyes have been opened and since I took the seminar, I recognize more and more miracles around me, I’ve been able to share the Light and share the teachings and this is the biggest miracle of all.
I am still working and learning every day on keeping a positive Sonen. In our days with the fire essence around us changing and getting stronger I think it’s the most important thing, keeping a positive Sonen. When you radiate and share good positive energy around you, good positive things come back to you. That is what I am working on a daily bases. I also set my goals to complete and improve to level 3 of Basic Spiritual Training System by the end of this year so I can be ready to take the Intermediate Seminar.

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone who is helping me in my spiritual journey.
First of all my family for all the support, I’m getting from you. All the Doshis of Irvine Spiritual Center who are teaching me every day something new. Big thank you, to all my friends members who are lifting my spirit every time I come to Spiritual Center. Oshienushi-sama thank you very much for the wonderful gift you have given us all, the teaching of Divine Art and

California Spiritual Center – Irina Barshtak


Before I started coming to Divine Light I had severe neck pain even at night when I slept it would not go away, I had a lot of anxiety about my relationship at the time was not healthy at all, I was very confused about what direction God wanted me to take in life and I struggled with constantly thinking about it, having a restless mind, and I was not able to move forward in any direction due to being paralyzed by indecision.

I was desperate and tried many things, including counseling with 3 different therapists which was very expensive, I tried praying all the time and I tried going to many different churches, I sought advice from all my friends and family, but nothing I tried helped. In fact things were continuously getting worse, until a friend told me to try Recieving Divine Light.

I was very skeptical and I thought she was a little silly for believing that it could help me, at first I just ignored the thought of going. But after seeing all the drastic and fast improvements going on in her life and because I was increasingly desperate I decided to try it. After 3 x receiving DL my neck pain completely disappeared. After 3 months of going 2x a week I could definitely see and feel huge improvement in my own life and I could not deny that Divine Light was making a difference in my life.

I finally decided to take the basic seminar 2.5 years ago and that is when I began to see big miracles happening in my life and in the lives of my family too.

Today I am very happily married and I continue to receive and share Divine Light with others because it continues to improve my life. I am very thankful that I took the risk to give it a try, I know that if I hadn’t my life would still be the way it was before I came.

Houston Texas Spiritual Center – Jasmin Matula


The miracle my mother received from God is unforgettable.

When my mother was 13 years old, she was diagnosed with childhood Leukemia. She always felt heaviness and pain in her head, hands and legs. The pain in her hands and legs was extreme and very abnormal. It was difficult for her to find the words to explain how she felt to others. She kept telling her doctor she had lots of pain in her head but the doctor could not find any way to help reduce the pain.

Finally, the doctor gave up curing her disease and she was sent from hospital to hospital. She suffered for many months and the medical bills were very expensive for her family. In addition, she was absent from school more than half the year.

However, God watched over her. During spring break her first in junior high school, one member of World Divine Light Organization moved to her neighborhood. The member told my mother and grandmother how they could receive Divine Light. The very first time my mother received Divine Light, the pain miraculously disappeared in her head!!! She continued receiving Divine Light and the pain in her hands and legs gradually faded away. Finally, the symptoms of childhood Leukemia were totally gone!!! Thanks to God, she was never absent during her second year of junior high school.

How wonderful God’s arrangement is. In July that year, my mother and grandmother decided to take the Basic Seminar and became members of the World Divine Light Organization so they could share God’s love through the practice of giving Divine Light to others.

I believe that if my mother had not received Divine Light, I would not be in the world now. This is one of the many reasons why I became a Divine Light minister. Our family thanks God for this unforgettable miracle my mother received.

Spiritual Guide – Keita Nishimura


Since I became a member in July 2007, so many good things happened to me and my family.

First, the exhaustion I was feeling from work disappeared, I received a lot of positive energy and peace. My co-workers became very helpful, and my students became highly motivated and happy in my classrooms. My superiors began to recognize me and reward my good efforts.

After that, in September, my son began to receive spiritual purification and decided to take the basic seminar. I was very happy about this. Then he was in a very bad car accident, but nobody died. He did not get hurt badly. We prayed for one friend in the car who was badly hurt with a broken spine, and now the friend is making a very fast recovery. I am grateful for the guidance and protection I always feel from God, since I became a member. The divine light is powerful and real.

New York Spiritual Center – Jennifer J Pastor


I have an older sister. When she was in an elementary school, the first epileptic fit struck her and it occurred once in several months. While she is having a symptom of epilepsy, she always passed out, her eyes rolled back in her head, frothed at the mouth, and fell into a fit of convulsions.
We had to call 911 often, and asked an ambulance for help. My father wanted my sister to be cured from epilepsy and become healthy, so he took her to a famous hospital for children. However, no doctors could figure out the cause of the disease… She was prescribed just pills for epilepsy.
The side effect of the pills that the primary doctor gave her was so strong, and it had a function to lower inflection of a brain. Then, what happened? She was gradually losing her facial expression while getting into a daze. She always felt sleepy. Later, our family member got to know about World Divine Light Organization, and took the Basic Practitioner Seminar. That is when we learned about spiritual reasons that could cause diseases.
Hearing the spiritual principles as such was my eye-opening moment, and we were able to realize there exists the spiritual world.
Afterwards, my sister has continued Divine Light practice that helps her condition a lot until today. Now, she works regularly without any symptom from epilepsy.
Through this experience, I really feel that there are the spiritual causes of diseases in the invisible world.

Spiritual Guide – Ayano Nakashima